En détail

Accompanying children is one of the most challenging and demanding tasks in our lives. Sometimes we succeed well and it is enriching and fulfilling, sometimes we are exhausted from the intention to do it right but not to lose ourselves.

Often we are so busy organizing our everyday lives that the simple being together with our children is not possible. Instead of joy and love, very quickly stress and annoyance take over and we just tick off items on a list. In this autopilot mode, we miss the present, we are not flexible or patient, and we have no eyes for the big and small joys in living or being with the children.

This course wants to help rediscover life, see the joyful moments again, and deal better with difficult situations, all in line with our inner values. In six weeks, we will build up internal resources, learn to deal with stress, and focus on the positive. We will identify our North Star, in the direction of which our inner compass will guide as in this turbulent path in our everyday life at home or with children at work. And by doing this, we will show the children what it means to know and respect oneself and not to be overthrown by all the storms of daily life.