En détail

3-hour workshop for adolescents (as of 16 years) and adults 

Smartphones and other devices have changed our lives completely. Useful apps, fun social media, connecting around the world, staying up to date. But the price paid is high. Research shows us that, since the release of the iPhone in 2007, adolescents get less sleep, don’t hang out with their friends as much and are much more likely to feel lonely. Our devices connect us more quickly, but not necessarily more deeply. And they are a never-ending pool of distraction, constantly  promising that there is something more important, more urgent, or more interesting that this present moment.

Adults are no different in their addiction to using technology. It is hard to resist this inner urge to check out something, especially when you have never learned to be with a feeling of unease, to handle boredom, or the power of honest checking in with yourself.


“There is nothing inherently bad or good about technology. What matters is what we do with it and how we relate to it.” Christopher Willard


In this workshop you will learn how you relate to your device and how to become the master of it – and not be mastered by it. We will discover how the brain is wired and why it is so hard to break the habit of checking your phone with every beep or buzz. You will also take home useful tips on how to use your smartphone so that it benefits you instead of separating you from the present moment – your very life – and the people around you.